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AbacaRx is a revolutionary service that allows you to get your medical marijuana doctor consultation and recommendation all from the privacy of your own home.

The World’s First Online Medical Marijuana Consultation and Recommendation Service

Three Easy Steps

We believe in simplicity! With AbacaRx it is easy to see a physician from the comfort and privacy of your home in three easy steps!

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Step 1:

Register with AbacaRx
Step 1

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Once AbacaRx goes live, you will be able to create your own personalized AbacaRx account that will store all your personal and medical information. This information will be stored on our highly encrypted servers for your doctor to use during your consultations. No more filling out endless paperwork at the Doctor's office.

Step 2:

Visit Your Doctor Online
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AbacaRx will connect you with Board-Certified Physicians that have been educated on the therapeutic aspects of medical marijuana and are open to making recommendations. You will be able to easily connect with your doctor using the AbacaRx App and your computer, iOS or Android tablet or smart phone.

Step 3:

Get a Recommendation
Step 3

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After your AbacaRx Doctor Consultation is complete, your physician will use all the information he or she learns during your consultation to make a diagnosis if possible. This will then allow them to be in the position to recommend medical marijuana if it is right for you.

Our Technology

AbacaRx is secured through the highest advanced encryption standard. This means your video consultation stays private and only between you and your doctor and any information collected through the app will be stored on 100% HIPAA compliant servers.

Cross Platform Capabilities

AbacaRx will work with Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Works on iOS and Android

Use your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices!

Computer, Tablet, or Smart Phone

Our app will be compatible to use on any of these devices.

Secure Video Conferencing

Your video consultation is only between you and your doctor. Even we cant listen in!

100% HIPAA Compliant Servers

We meet and exceed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data.

Highest Encryption Standard

We use 256-bit SSL and Automatic Key Rotation, Proactive Monitoring and At Rest Data Integrity Checks to keep your data secure.


In strict medical terms marijuana is far safer than many foods we commonly consume… Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man…– Francis Young, DEA Administrative Law Judge – 1988

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AbacaRx is trying to fundamentally change the way people get the medical assessment they need with the convenience they deserve. We need your support to bring AbacaRx to you and others who may benefit from it. This service will not happen without you. Join us now and spread the word.

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About AbacaRx Telemedicine Service

  • As defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), telemedicine is the use of telecommunications to diagnose and treat disease and ill-health. In other words, telemedicine is a way for doctors and patients to conference through the use of interactive video and audio in order to provide clinical health care at a distance.
  • AbacaRx will connect you with a board-certified physician who is well-versed on the topic of medical marijuana and is fully qualified to give you medical advice, and if medically appropriate, a recommendation.
  • Yes, AbacaRx will be available in all States.If you are a contributor from a State where medical marijuana is not permitted, you will still meet with a board-certified doctor to be educated about medical marijuana and to discuss any other health concerns you may have.
  • Currently there are 22 states and DC that have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana. These States include:

    • 1. Alaska
    • 2. Arizona
    • 3. California
    • 4. Colorado
    • 5. Connecticut
    • 6. DC
    • 7. Delaware
    • 8. Hawaii
    • 9. Illinois
    • 10. Maine
    • 11. Maryland
    • 12. Massachusetts
    • 13. Michigan
    • 14. Minnesota
    • 15. Montana
    • 16. Nevada
    • 17. New Hampshire
    • 18. New Jersey
    • 19. New Mexico
    • 20. Oregon
    • 21. Rhode Island
    • 22. Vermont
    • 23. Washington
  • Yes! Here at AbacaRx, we are continually keeping up with medical marijuana laws across the country. As more and more States enact legislation, AbacaRx will be there to help you connect to an understanding doctor who is open to making recommendations.
  • There are 4 States currently with pending legislation to legalize Medical Marijuana:

    • 1. Florida
    • 2. New York
    • 3. Ohio
    • 4. Pennsylvania

AbacaRx Doctor Consultations

  • In our experience a 15 minute doctor consultation is enough time for the doctor to understand and assess your situation and recommend the next steps. Each doctor is board-certified and understands medical marijuana and can give you the information that you need to know. The doctor will assess your medical condition and decide whether or not to recommend medical marijuana as a treatment for you.
  • Yes, if medically appropriate. The doctor will use all the information he or she learns during your consultation and make a diagnosis if possible. If your physician thinks you need further examination (e.g. tests, an in-person physical exam), your doctor will schedule an in-office visit.
  • Yes, if medically appropriate and allowable in your State. Recommendations are at the doctor’s discretion and a consultation does not guarantee a recommendation.
  • All physicians on AbacaRx are well educated and licensed in your state. They are all equally qualified to see you and give you a medical assessment.
  • When AbacaRx goes live, we will not accept medical insurance initially, but we hope to offer this option in the future.

About the AbacaRx App

  • In addition to being able to see your doctor online through our website, the AbacaRx App will be available for iOS and Android equipped devices. This means all you need is your iPhone, Galaxy or other Android device and our App and you can be instantly connected to a doctor!
  • We recommend you use WiFi for the best possible experience with your physician, however, it is not required to use our service. If you have a connection to a 4G or LTE network you should have no problems connecting to a doctor.
  • You can rest assured that all your information will be stored on our encrypted servers that use the highest advance encryption standards, automatic key rotation, and are HIPAA compliant.
  • HIPPA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This was enacted in 1996 as the first comprehensive Federal protection for the privacy of personal health information. AbacaRx will be fully compliant with the rules of this act to protect your private medical information.


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