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PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release: June 9, 2014

New Crowdfunding Campaign to Support Online Doctor Service for Medical Marijuana

San Francisco, California – AbacaRx Telemedicine Inc., the world’s first online marijuana consultation and recommendation service, has created a nation-wide service and app allowing people to connect with board-certified physicians from the comfort of their own home and receive a medical assessment to see if they could benefit from medical marijuana.

To fund this progressive app, AbacaRx is announcing its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launching June 4th to run for 35 days with a target goal of $100,000.

The campaign will sponsor both the completion of the software and the expansion of the doctor network that is knowledgeable on the therapeutic aspects of medical marijuana.

Despite the use of medical marijuana becoming more mainstream and public opinion growing in favor of tolerance for marijuana, many still feel uncomfortable seeking a local doctor’s recommendation for its use.

“We designed the app to offer a safe and secure online platform for those to comfortably seek medical advice, ask questions, and find out if medical marijuana is right for them,” says Boris Drubetsky, the COO of AbacaRx.

The crowdfunding campaign will allow people to connect to doctors using their computer, smartphone or tablet with features including high definition and encrypted video for conferences with the doctor, as well as the ability to securely store medical records and access to an online education center.

“There are currently 22 States and D.C. that have legalized medical marijuana and there are four other States with pending legislation. This means there’s a significant amount of people out there who could potentially use this service to find out if marijuana could help them,” says Roger Proctor, the CEO of AbacaRx.

This campaign will test the level of public interest out there for this new, innovative way to seek medical guidance. Proctor sees this service as taking the first step to delivering healthcare alternatively to people in need.

“Medical Marijuana itself is an alternative medication and AbacaRx is following suit in providing an alternative way to seek medical advice about it. We are confident the public will see our vision and support the development of AbacaRx taking its first step to help people seek treatment responsibly and legally.”

About AbacaRx:
Founded in October 2013 by CEO Roger Proctor and COO Boris Drubetsky, AbacaRx is the first online telemedicine service dedicated to connecting people to physicians that are educated on Medical Marijuana to get a recommendation. Telemedicine represents a new and innovative way to deliver healthcare and AbacaRx is pioneering a whole new application for its use.

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